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Looking for a simple, fast and cost-effective way to be better at English? You've come to the right place. We've got a package for individuals, colleges and businesses. Oh yes, there's a free trial too ...

Part Paper. Part Digital. It's Why We're Different.

Paper books are great. They don't need batteries. You can easily write on them. And there are no distractions ... like the alerts and beeps you get on your phone. So you can concentrate 100%.

But videos are easy. You just sit and watch. And online tests are the easy way to answer lots of questions and get instant results.

That's why we developed 'Paper Plus Digital'. Our 100-page book also has links to smartphone-friendly Zoom lesson videos and 50-question tests.

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For Individual Students

If you've been studying English for a few years, our handy lessons will help you to quickly get up to the next level.

You'll already know about the tenses and grammar we teach. But our lessons give you hints and tips to take you to Intermediate and then Advanced levels. And don't forget ... you can prove your new knowledge with our online tests.

For Colleges & Businesses.

If you've been wanting to implement home learning or employee training packages, our system is the fastest, easiest way to launch and English Grammar package. It's ideal for educational establishments and businesses.

There's no software to install or content to manage. Just give our book to your students ... and they use their smartphone to access our pre-prepared content and scoring. The book covers can be branded in your style too and are deeply discounted for colleges and businesses.

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On a Video Call

One-To-One Zoom Lessons.

If students need more help with a particular grammar topic, they can access our group of qualified TEFL academy teachers for one-to-one lessons. Lessons are done over Zoom, and the student gets a video recording by email.

There's no minimum commitment. Students can book from a single Zoom lesson. And the students book direct with the teacher of their choice ... so it's also very cost-effective.


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I'm a TEFL teacher and I give a copy of this book to all my students. The results of the 15 online English grammar tests enable me to plan each student's learning program with great accuracy.


We've got a small hotel and give the Intermediate English book to our customer-facing employees. If an employee needs more help with certain subjects, we pay for a Zoom English grammar lesson.

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Thanks English Masterclass. Your Intermediate grammar book really helped me get through my SATS exams. It's a really efficient way to learn at my own speed. I can't wait for the Advanced book now.

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