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At last. Advanced English lessons are as easy as 1-2-3.

- Get exactly the help you need.

- Pay the minimum amount of money.

- Plus we offer a completely free trial.

Welcome to The English Masterclass.

Here’s how The English Masterclass program saves time and money … in 3 easy steps.

Everything you need. No hidden costs.

#1. Kindle Ebooks
only $5.

Masterclass tips + quick revision + story.

#2. Online Assessments
only $15.

Two tests. Instant right/wrong results by email.

#3. Zoom Tuition
only $20.

Individual lessons from a TEFL teacher.

Amazon Kindle English grammar lessons.


Step 1 is to buy a Kindle ebook.

  • Specially written as a low-cost ‘quick read’ for Kindle.

  • Each lesson has a quick refresher + master class tips + story.

  • Preview our English Masterclass books free on Amazon.

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See the Intermediate English lessons on Amazon Kindle.

See the Advanced English lessons on Amazon Kindle.


$15 for both tests.

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Online English grammar test & self assessment.

After you’ve read our Kindle book, take an assessment test.

  • You get two tests that match our Intermediate and Advanced ebooks.

  • Each test has 60 questions.

  • Take the tests on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • Instant right/wrong analysis by email. 

  • Quickly identify where you need more help. 

  • Plan your learning better. Focus on your weak topics.



Zoom / Skype English tuition from TEFL teachers.

Need more help in some lesson topics? Book online training.

  • You can book just one lesson … or as many as you need.

  • The same 30 lessons as the ebooks and the assessment.

  • Each in-depth lesson lasts 20 minutes.

  • Qualified TEFL tutors help you understand each topic.

  • With Zoom, you get a video recording of your lesson.

  • No big commitment. Get only the help you need.


$20 per 20 minute lesson.

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Try the whole English Masterclass program free.

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#1. Free: Two complete lessons.

One from our intermediate book, and one from our advanced book.

#2. Free: 30-question English test.

Instant results by email. Take the test on your phone, tablet or PC.

#3. Free: Zoom lesson video.

Watch a complete Zoom lesson. You’ll be amazed at our $20-per-lesson quality.

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