English Lessons By Zoom.

Our Academy service offers students one-to-one lessons using Zoom.

It's a very cost-effective package as you work direct with our teachers. So you only pay cost price. There's more ...

No Minimum Fee.

Most language schools ask you to commit to lots of expensive lessons. Not us. You can have as many or as few lessons as you need. Only want one lesson? No problem!

- No minimum charge. Book from one lesson.
- Custom teaching plan based on your test scores.
- Flexible times to suit you.

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Meet the teachers.

Alessia Telford 600.jpg

Alessia Telford

5 years of experience.
150 Hour TEFL/TESOL Master Course.

$15 per 30-minute lesson


About me

I’m a native English speaker currently living in England and as a qualified TEFL teacher, I specialise in Conversational and Business English.

I’ve had the privilege of teaching English for over 5 years to students of various ages, nationalities, and professions. I’ve taught students ranging from 4 years old to 65 years old from various countries such as France, Japan, South Africa, China, Mexico and Spain. I've taught engineers, sales representatives, managers, doctors, graphic designers, etc. and as each of their fields differ dramatically, I know how to tailor each of my lessons to suit my student's individual needs.

I'm currently learning French, so I understand how challenging and rewarding learning a new language can be. I love bringing my lessons to life and creating the type of environment that will ensure my students remain motivated and happy, thereby enabling my students to reach their full potential as an English speaker.

Richard Hill 600.jpg

Richard Hill


I have been teaching English language learners for over seven years and online for two. 


$13 for a 30-minute lesson.

About me

I have taught in secondary schools and currently work part-time in a language school, teaching both adults and teenagers.

I have a wealth of experience with learners of all ages and abilities. From IELTS to phonics for Kindergarten I can help to improve your English. I feel I'm a kind and considerate coach who understands the difficulties in learning a new language having had to learn one myself.

Clare Holstein 600.jpg

Clare Holstein


7 years of ESL teaching experience.

TEFL certified.

$20 per 30-minute lesson


About me

I have 7 years of experience teaching internationally and online. I am TEFL certified, and I also teach music and drama.  My experience has led me to develop highly successful teaching strategies which I use to customize lessons for learners of different ages and levels.

I focus on each student’s individual needs and aim to create a supportive and challenging atmosphere in each lesson. Studying a language is always difficult, but I believe it should also be enjoyable! 

I can provide assistance with test prep, business English, or conversational practice as well. I’m happy to create a customized lesson plan depending on the student’s needs. Contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation.


Nicholas Hendry


4 Years teaching / tutoring experience.
BA History (University of Liverpool).
MA Medieval Studies (Durham University).


$20 per 30 mins session (first session half price).

About me

I am a young TEFL teacher with lots of experience! I have taught foreign speakers of English in Britain, Australia, and Slovakia. Experience in IELTS, Business English.

Expert at 1-to-1 teaching. Created my own system where I help students with their weakest areas, including tracking their progress each week and testing them at each level of improvement. My key
speciality is keeping students motivated.

“Nick is an amazing teacher and really friendly. My son Enzo’s English has improved so much after
just 3 months of tuition with Nick. Enzo loves his lessons”

Cara (parent of 9-year-old student)

“Nick really knows how to break down what he is teaching so that I understand what he is asking me to do every step of the way. This is different to the two teachers I had before. Nick is really specific.”
Hakim (22-year-old student)


Micah 600v2-min.jpeg

Micah Bustard


8 years of ESL teaching experience.

TEFL certified.

$25 per 30-minute lesson


About me

In addition to being a proud co-founder of The English Masterclass, I have enjoyed a wide range of experiences as a TEFL teacher. 

My wife and I opened an English language school in Thailand in 2008, and I started teaching in 2013. Since that time, I have taught over 15,000 hours of English classes both online and face-to-face.

I have taught students of all ages and from all over the world including Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Poland, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Turkey, and Iraq.  
In 2015, I was a founding team member of A Top Class, an online foreign language school based in China. 

Some of my areas of expertise include aviation English, business English, IELTS preparation, academic and professional writing lessons, and of course, developing fluency and real-life conversational skills.

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Want to be a teacher?

We're happy to hear from qualified TEFL teachers who would like freelance work. You can set your own rate, and students book direct with you. We do not charge a commission.


Please email Micah Bustard for more information.


- English as your first language

- TEFL-related qualification

- Able to host Zoom lessons