Intermediate English Grammar Learning Package.

Now you can have a book and video lessons and online tests ... all in one package. At just $29.99, it's excellent value and an innovative way to work on your English language skills.

15 lessons. 100 pages. It's a great book.

Micah Bustard and Roger Day have thousands of hours teaching and writing experience. We've created this book to cover 15 grammar topics that are essential to mastering intermediate English.

- Each written lesson under 10 minutes.
- Each lesson has a short story.
- Plenty of room to make notes.
- Plus links to vides and online tests ...

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Includes Zoom Videos and Online Tests.

Simply scan the QR code at the end of each lesson to watch our video lessons and take a test. There's a video and test for each lesson.

See the book on Amazon.

- 15 videos (over 6 hours content).

- 15 tests (50 questions per test).

- Instant test score by email.

- Share your score with your English teacher.