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Intermediate and Advanced English Grammar books on Amazon.

Intermediate English Tenses

E01 Simple Present
E02 Simple Past
E03 Simple Future
E04 Present Continuous
E05 Past Continuous
E06 Future Continuous

Intermediate English Grammar

E07 Articles
E08 Determiners
E09 Countable/Uncountable Nouns
E10 Plural Nouns 
E11 Since/For & Some/Any
E12 Adjectives / Introduction
E13 Adjectives / Placement
E14 Adjectives / Phrases Participle
E15 Prepositions

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100-page printed book

15 lessons (with stories)

15 videos (over 6 hours)

15 tests (50 questions each)

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Kindle ebook

15 lessons (with stories)

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Advanced English Tenses

A01 Present Perfect
A02 Past Perfect
A03 Future Perfect
A04 Present Perfect Continuous
A05 Past Perfect Continuous
A06 Future Perfect Continuous

Advanced English Grammar

A07 Advanced Possessives
A08 Phrasal Verbs
A09 Passive Voice
A10 Modals
A11 Pronouns
A12 Adverbs
A13 Clauses
A14 Conditionals
A15 Gerunds & Infinitives

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